“it Wasn’t The Sewer Being Plugged Up, It Was A Failure Of The Control System At The Lift Station,” Boshart Explained.

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“At this point, I’m seeking damages of the plumber’s bill. I’m not asking for anything else, just the plumber’s bill.” “If my plumbing bill is covered, I think everybody is going to be happy here,” he continued. Councilman Richard Peterson quickly made a motion for the city to cover the $290 bill, which was seconded by James Hall . However, city manager Dale VanDeVusse asked Scott Boshart , director of public works, to explain the city’s side of the story. “It wasn’t the sewer being plugged up, it was a failure of the control system at the lift station,” Boshart explained. “... As far as state law goes, we (city) have an immunity on a case like this just because we normally maintain the stations (and) we responded in a timely manner.” “It was something we had no way of knowing it was going to happen,” he added. “What are people supposed to do when that happens on a Saturday afternoon?” Peterson questioned. “We’ve put that out in newsletters many, many times before ... to call us first if you have an issue,” Boshart responded. “...

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